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NamesChimera (CyCraft)
MotivationInformation theft and espionage
First seen2018
Description(CyCraft) For nearly two years, our team monitored several attacks that targeted Taiwan’s semiconductor vendors. We believe these attacks originated from the same threat actor – Chimera – as these attacks utilized similar tactics, techniques and even the same customized malware. The actor likely harvested various valid credentials via phishing emails or data breaches as their starting point to conduct their cyber attack on the vendors. Cobalt Strike was later used as their main RAT tool. To avoid detection, the Cobalt Strike RAT was often masqueraded as a Google Chrome Update. The RAT would then connect back to their C2 server. As these servers were in a public cloud server, it made it difficult to track. Subsequently, by compromising the AD server, the delicate malware – SkeletonKeyInjector – was invoked to implant a general key to allow LM, persistence and defense evasion. Although this malware was discovered for the first time, we have high confidence that these attacks were conducted by the same threat actor. Based on the stolen data, we infer that the actor’s goal was to harvest company trade secrets. The motive may be related to business competition or a country’s industrial strategy.
ObservedSectors: High-Tech.
Countries: Taiwan.
Tools usedCobalt Strike, SkeletonKeyInjector.
Operations performedLate 2018Operation “Skeleton Key”

Last change to this card: 19 April 2020

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