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Threat Group Cards: A Threat Actor Encyclopedia

All groups targeting Canada


APT groups

 Aggah[Unknown]2018-May 2020 
 APT 29, Cozy Bear, The DukesRussia2008-Jul 2021 HOTX
 APT 31, Judgment Panda, ZirconiumChina2016-Jul 2021 HOT 
 APT 41China2012-Jul 2021 HOTX
 Berserk Bear, Dragonfly 2.0Russia2015-May 2017 
 Carbanak, AnunakUkraine2013-Aug 2021 HOTX
 Circus Spider[Unknown]2019-Jan 2021X
 Cobalt GroupRussia2016-Oct 2019X
 Cold River[Unknown]2019 
 Comment Crew, APT 1China2006-May 2018X
 Cutting Kitten, TG-2889Iran2012-Mar 2016X
 Cyber Caliphate Army (CCA), United Cyber Caliphate (UCC)[ISIS]2014-Apr 2017 
 Desert Falcons[Gaza]2011-Apr 2021X
 El Machete[Unknown]2010-Jun 2020 
 Emissary Panda, APT 27, LuckyMouse, Bronze UnionChina2010-Mar 2021 
 Energetic Bear, DragonflyRussia2010-Oct 2020X
 Evilnum[Unknown]2018-Aug 2020 
 FIN8[Unknown]2016-Mar 2021 
 FIN11[Unknown]2016-Jun 2021 HOTX
 Gamaredon GroupRussia2013-Jan 2021 
 Hidden Lynx, Aurora PandaChina2009-2014X
 Icefog, Dagger PandaChina2011-2018/2019 
 Infy, Prince of PersiaIran2007-Feb 2017X
 Lazarus Group, Hidden Cobra, Labyrinth ChollimaNorth Korea2007-Spring 2021X
 Mabna Institute, Cobalt Dickens, Silent LibrarianIran2013-Sep 2020X
 Magic Hound, APT 35, Cobalt Gypsy, Charming KittenIran2013-Jan 2021X
 Molerats, Extreme Jackal, Gaza Cybergang[Gaza]2012-Apr 2021 
 NetTraveler, APT 21, Hammer PandaChina2004-Dec 2015 
 Nitro, Covert GroveChina2011-Jul 2014 
 Operation Epic Manchego[Unknown]2020 
 Operation HangOver, Monsoon, Viceroy TigerIndia2010-Jan 2020 
 Operation Parliament[Unknown]2017 
 Operation Shady RATChina2006 
 Orangeworm[Unknown]2015-Jan 2020 
 Poison Carp, Evil EyeChina2018-Mar 2021X
 Promethium, StrongPityTurkey2012-Jul 2021 HOT 
 Riddle Spider[Unknown]2020-Jun 2021 HOT 
 Shadow NetworkChina2010-2010X
 Silence, Contract Crew[Unknown]2016-Jan 2020 
 Sofacy, APT 28, Fancy Bear, SednitRussia2004-Jun 2021 HOTX
 Stone Panda, APT 10, menuPassChina2006-Feb 2021X
 Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), Deadeye JackalSyria2011-May 2018X
 TA2101, Maze Team[Unknown]2019-Mar 2021X
 TeamSpy CrewRussia2010-Feb 2017 
 Transparent Tribe, APT 36Pakistan2013-Feb 2021 
 Traveling Spider[Unknown]2019-Mar 2021 
 Turbine Panda, APT 26, Shell Crew, WebMasters, KungFu KittensChina2010-Oct 2018X
 Volatile CedarLebanon2012-Early 2020 
 Whitefly, Mofang[Unknown]2012-Jul 2018 
 Wild Neutron, Butterfly, Sphinx Moth[Unknown]2013-Feb 2013 

Other groups

 Bamboo Spider, TA544[Unknown]2016-May 2020X
 Boson Spider[Unknown]2015-Nov 2017 
 Dark BasinIndia2013 
 FxmspKazakhstan2016-Jul 2020X
 Roaming Mantis[Unknown]2017-Jan 2021 
 Scully Spider, TA547[Unknown]2017-Sep 2019 
 TA511[Unknown]2018-Oct 2020 

64 groups listed (56 APT, 8 other, 0 unknown)

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