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TypeBanking trojan, Backdoor, Info stealer, Credential stealer
• The infection vector (malspam) links to a supposed PDF invoice, which actually leads the victim to download an executable file (dropper);
• Once executed, the dropper downloads a “.zip” file, unzips and executes the malware payload;
• It then begins a series of actions, including:
o Persists itself into the OS, in order to survive system reboot;
o Changes Firewall policies to allow the malware to communicate unrestrictedly with the Internet;
o Instantiates “Fliddler”, an HTTP Proxy that is used to monitor and intercept user access to the financial institutions;
o Installs the Fiddler root certificate to prevent the user from receiving digital certificate errors;
o Points Internet Browsers settings to the local proxy (Fiddler);
o Monitors and captures user credentials while accessing the websites of 2 major Brazilian banks and other financial institutions;
o Stolen credentials are sent to criminals through an unencrypted C&C channel;
o Establishes an encrypted channel to allow the victim’s system to be controlled by the attackers (RAT);
o Monitors and captures user credentials while accessing email services like Microsoft Live, Terra, IG and Hotmail. These accesses are used to spread the malware further;

After posting EngineBox malware analysis last month, through community feedback, I came to know that the threat embedded a framework called QuasarRAT developed in C#. The goal of this framework is to provide a tool for remote access and management of Windows computers— hence the name, RAT (Remote Access Tool).
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Last change to this tool card: 23 May 2020

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