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SodomMain RAT
TypeReconnaissance, Backdoor, Info stealer
Description(Proofpoint) The SodomMain module is LookBack malware’s remote access Trojan module that can send and receive numerous commands indicative of its function as a RAT. The malware is delivered within the encoded data that is received by the SodomNormal module as part of its initial beacon response. It then runs within the SodomNormal module and uses its “send_data” function for C&C communications. The data is ultimately relayed to the GUP Proxy Tool and the C&C IP.

Noteworthy malware commands include:

• Get process listing
• Kill process
• Executes cmd[.] exe command
• Gets drive type
• Find files
• Read files
• Delete files
• Write to files
• Execute files
• Enumerate services
• Starts services
• Delete services
• Takes a screenshot of desktop
• Move/Click Mouse and take a screenshot
• Exit
• Removes self (libcurl[.] dll)
• Shutdown
• Reboot

Last change to this tool card: 20 April 2020

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 LookBack, TA410[Unknown]2019-Aug 2019 

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