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TypeBackdoor, Info stealer
Description(Novetta) Operating as a server mode RAT, RomeoFoxtrot uses a simple handshake to establish a connection and variant-dependent encryption to transfer data making the malware significantly less sophisticated from a network perspective than other members of the Romeo class. Despite the lack of network sophistication, RomeoFoxtrot provides a large number of commands to handle aspects of file management, process management, network proxying, and victim computer information enumeration.
There are two known variants of RomeoFoxtrot: RomeoFoxtrot-One and RomeoFoxtrot-Two. The RomeoFoxtrot family has been observed as the payload of the IndiaCharlie variants, with IndiaCharlie-One observed dropping RomeoFoxtrot-One and IndiaCharlie-Two observed dropping RomeoFoxtrot-Two. Functionally, the two variants are very similar with only two distinctions. The primary distinction is the inclusion of a configuration file for RomoeFoxtrot-Two that specifies the listening port, while RomeoFoxtrot-One uses a hardcoded value. The second is a renumbering of command identifiers. Given the similarities, the remainder of this section will simply refer to them equally as RomeoFoxtrot unless a particular detail is specific to one variant over the other.

Last change to this tool card: 19 April 2020

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